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Help Base Android?

So I saw the Moto Defy for the first time today, and am really considering trying to get one and give up my Nexus one for it. One main thing though is that I'm not a huge fan of Motoblur or seven home screens, can it be rooted to run something more like base Android or just something less involved and resource hogging than Blur.
Sorry, I've never rooted my phone or really looked into it because I was happy with how it was but the N1 just isn't on the rugged side at all.
I didn't spend much time playing with motoblur in the store since it requires all of your login info, just didn't seem like something I would be down for but since you guys like it then it may be for me. I did really like how responsive and accurate the touch was, didn't feel much different than my N1 if at all and the swype text was fun but annoying, could be handy once learned better though.
Still working on getting one, trying to push em to at least let me do the monthly payment on my bill for it.

My N1 has seen many better days, the screen has been cracked for awhile but now I'm starting to be able to feel the cracks and some of the smaller pieces of glass around the corners have began to fall out.
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