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Basic Information while updating android versions on the device


Jul 19, 2010
Hi Comrades,

I just want to gather some information on updating Android versions.

If i want to update my android version on my device from 2.3.X to newer versions like 3.X.X or 4.0.X

For exammple.

  • My android device runs on 2.3.

  • On the Settings menu, i see an option for software updates. By clicking this, will it be updating to a newer versions of android(3.X or 4.0) or it will be it be providing the extended version which i have (2.3.X.X)?

To update the android version from 2.3 to higher versions like 3 or 4 . Do i have to root the device?? Is Rooting the only possible way to update to higher versions?

I really got confused regarding this.

Its immensely appreciable if someone provide me the exact fact.
Thanks in advance...:)
When you check for software updates it will let you know if an update is available for your device from the manufacturer/service provider.

If none is, you can only update by rooting and installing a custom ROM. DO NOT try that until you are comfortable with your knowledge of Android, can follow instructions precisely and have a plan to fix the phone if things go badly.
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