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Help Bathed my phone.

Ok, dropped my phone in the bath for less than 5 seconds, i whipped it out and pulled the battery out quick smart, it now sits in a tub of rice next to the radiator, are there any other tips anyone can recomend? the battery water mark is red so i guess it got pretty full during its suicide atempt.
Whenever I've done this (NOT the bath but my old E71 managed to drop itself into a cup of coffee I was carrying .... :eek: ) I've immediately take the whole thing apart, used kitchen towel to get as much liquid off as possible and then used a hair dryer to dry it off thoroughly. The E71 is still going now apart from a duff camera which "may" not be related. But the thing is to dry it off as thoroughly as possible.

Good luck!

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Cheers guys, heres how it stands, removed the phone from its bath of rice and it fired up fine, all functions at a quick look seem to be ok although there still seems to be a little damage to the screen, i'm not sure if this is still water so as a precaution its back in the rice until tomorrow. One saving grace is i can access my numbers, if i have to pay for a new screen then that serves me right for playing fishing to go in the bath. no puns about trying to hook a tiddler please.
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By turning it on, you're passing current through the components. With the water there, you can short-circuit the components. Hence you remove the battery to ensure there's no power there, and make sure all the water is gone before turning it back on. The rice absorbs the water.
Thanks, i'll bare that in mind if that happens to me.
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I never thought I'd drop a mobile in water either, but I did, about 6 months ago! My Sony Ericsson W995 had a hinge on it, so I had it propped up on a shelf, listening to audio books in the bath. Then I heard a "plop".

Took it apart, put it in a jar with dry rice (wrapped up in a furry hat, against a radiator) for two days, then gently used a vacuum cleaner (not touching the phone) and all back to normal.

Unfortunately problems came a few months down the line. The earpiece became muffled, had to replace that, and the camera slowly but surely got foggy. So your mileage may vary.

Obviously can't get the manufacturer to fix it under warranty, as there's a water damage indicator strip inside all mobiles which turns red :(
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