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htc desire hd

  1. U

    Root Help on Tinycam for recording files 0 bytes

    Hi, I wonder what is happening on my Htc Desire Hd with Cyanogen Rom installed on phone. The app Tinycam when you want to record videos (.mp4) save only files for 0 bytes!! Infact if you check to browse in its internal file explorer you get there aren't files. If you try to browse through the...
  2. PushesButtonsRandomly

    Seem to have bricked my phone

    I started out ok, by following the instructions here: http://androidforums.com/threads/how-to-unlock-install-recovery-and-root-with-htcdev.702090/ I must admit I skipped the 'make a backup of your stock,unrooted rom.' part and am now kicking myself for that but I did get it to work, got it...
  3. S

    Root phone stuck on RUU

    Hi, I was trying to root my phone yesterday and to install a new ROM. But for all that i had first to downgrade, everything goes fine and my device was dowmgraded, but after that it got stuck on RUU process. I have been reading some forums about how to get out of there, but i hadn´t got success...
  4. L

    Help HTC Desire Stuck in htc logo, cant load hboot

    Hello. It wont start up, doesnt get past the htc logo screen. Sometimes it also buzzes continuously. I tried accessing the bootloader screen by pressing the power and volume button together, but it doesnt bring it up, nothing changes. Is there anything else I can do?? Thanks.
  5. K

    Help Phone stuck in HTC logo - reflashing official ROM

    Hello, I got an HTC Desire HD which doesn't work correctly - it's stuck on HTC logo so I thought that reflashing the official ROM would bring it back to life. I can boot into bootloader and recovery so perhaps it's not permanently bricked. Although I have a problem. Which RUU should I choose...
  6. D

    Help Data2sd advice?

    Wewll, I jumped ship to a Galaxy S4 and have now broken the screen for the 2nd time do have had to revert to my trusty old DHD. However, I want to use additional memory (i.e. use an SD Card partition as additional memeory) and at one time I had Data2sd installed and used that. That was a while...
  7. Endrin Musa

    {Q}How to get emojis on Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4{Q}

    I recently installed a rom called SVHD 2.1 and it's sense 4.1, android 4.0.4. But it seems like emojis are not supported on this rom. Anyone know how to get emojis? I've tried a lot of keyboards but all I see is blank or blank squares. Any solution available?
  8. S

    Help htc desire hd goes balck wen boots no recovery no reset and no usb connection established

    hi friends im having htc desire hd and this mobile stuck in boot loop wen i tried to root it but now i cant able to go to recovery in boot loader and i cant do factory reset too im my pc i cant install usb connection please anyone help with this
  9. AlphaPapa

    Help! Can't get out of Fastboot mode.

    Hello All, I have a HTC Desite HD that has been lying unused for a few months. I decided to use it as a spare phone and mainly as a music player to connect to my bluetooth speakers. When i charged it for a few hours it refused to come on. Then suddenly it seemed to come alive and decided to go...
  10. PixelTurtle

    Help HTC Desire HD - Softbrick

    I'm not sure if this area is used anymore, but I need help. I got a HTC desire HD for my birthday a couple of days ago. It was a AU Vodafone Rom, and as I didn't like the general design of the OS anyway I decided to try put a new ROM on. It is softbricked. I can still get to Bootloader...
  11. R

    Help How to change my primary Google Account?

    Hi everyone, A little while ago, I deleted my Google account and created a new one. Unfortunately, it has given me problems on my android. Now I just receive constant error messages on my phone telling me I need to sign in and that the password is wrong. But the account doesn't exist any more...
  12. J

    Root Help requested with Internet Access

    After a boot hang issue, I successfully flashed my Desire HD using this stock ROM - RUU_Ace_Sense30_S_HTC_WWE_3.12.405.1_Radio_12.65.60.29_26.14.04.28_M_release_225512_signed I think I may have picked up a bug in this ROM which prevents internet clients such as Mail and Internet from working...
  13. J

    Root HTC Desire HD - Needs to be brought back to life - Mk II !!!

    SOLVED !!!! SOLVED !!!! SOLVED !!!! See next post. On August 14 2012, user DVSimz started an interesting thread which started with his non-booting DHD and ended - after some sterling work by (amongst others) scotty85 - with his phone fully restored. Having successfully rooted my own DHD a week...
  14. A

    Help HTC Desire HD dead

    Hi I need some advice please..... I have a HTC Desire HD that has all of a sudden just died. I can plug it in the charger but no charging light comes on. When i plug the phone to my computer through the usb lead the computer recognizes a new device But i get a small screen that says that its...
  15. M

    Can't use the hard-reset function

    Hi All I'm having some issues with my HTC Desire HD. I haven't used the phone for 2-3 years, and now I need to use it. However, I can't remember the password I entered for it. Ok, then I need to make a hard-reset. But, I can't get to the bootloader. Holding "Volume-Down" and pressing the...
  16. B

    HTC Desire HD Wont turn on! Help!

    I have an AT&T htc desire hd and it wont turn on! Everytime I plug it in to the wall or computer to charge all it does it buzz! I've tried different chargers and everything and nothing has worked so if anyone could help I would appreciate it! :(
  17. D

    dead as a dodo

    hi , htc desire hd wont charge and have tried changing battery ,any ideas thanks
  18. R

    HTC Desire HD Factory Reseted. Goes through boot but stuck on setup screen.

    I have had a problem with the apps on my device so i factory reset my phone. Once i restarted it, it went through boot but once on the supposed setup screen it comes out blank and the setup menu just passes on the screen. Literally passes through one side of the screen to the other then...
  19. R

    Help google services has stopped.

    google services has stopped, on my htc desire hd. phone was fine before. got up this morning and the message keeps poping up on the phone. any one had this, how can it be fixed. thanks for any help.
  20. R

    Help kobo login on htc desire hd.

    has any one had the same problem as i have, cant seem to log in to my kobo account on my phone. i can log in on my pc, but when i try on my phone, it just says problem with conection. tired using wifi, still the same. thanks for any help. phil..
  21. R

    Help g mail app on hdc desire HD.

    just changed to using the g mail app, not the one that comes with the phone. does anyone know if you can delit emails from the recycle bin on the phone without going back to my computer and doing though gmail on pc. thanks for your help.
  22. R

    Help Touch Tones on - still unable to top up

    HTC Desire HD 9191 With orange I ring 453. I press 2. Touch tone is audible. "Sorry, number is invalid" Try turning "Audible touch tones" Off and On. Retry. Not working. I cant top up! Help! P.S. (This is the only means for me to top up, reasons are long to explain. I will have to go...
  23. M

    Unlocked phone does not recognise SIM

    I have an old HTC Desire HD which, until last month, was under a Bill Pay contract with Vodafone. I upgraded to an HTC One (on the Vodafone contract) and asked for an unlock code so that I could use my Desire HD on another network. After several requests the unlock code was still not forthcoming...
  24. R

    Help vibrates on call connect

    hi, just joined the forum. i have a htc desire hd. only one question, wil i make a call, the phone will do a quick vibrate when the number ive called connects. is this normal. thanks for your help.
  25. M

    HTC Desire hd stuck at fastboot/hboot mode no recovery no factory reset no ABD

    Hello, i m new this my first post i have a htc ace desire hd few days ago working good but after install a window phone theme next day phone is swicth off when i on it then it stuck in hboot/ fastboot mode when i press recovery option then phone is vibrate three android robot appear and phone...