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Battery charge level indicator (Pixel 4 XL).....?


Apr 12, 2010
A few days ago the percent charge showing stopped working on my pixel 4 XL stopped working. I checked my settings and the it displayed the "battery monitor" not working. Also tried depressing hard on the screen to see if this is if the battery might be swelled up. A reliable phone repair place told me that the problem is most likely due to a worn out battery. The battery is not discharging fast. Accubattery sas the battery is healthy. Is there there a hardware tool I can check to see if the battery is defective or not......?
I had a Pixel 2 whose battery aged to the point where it would shut down at 70% if you demanded it to do any work (e.g. use GPS). The battery indicator worked normally. So I don't think simple battery wear would cause this.

If the battery life seems normal and it doesn't shut down prematurely my feeling is that there probably isn't a problem with the battery itself. Can Accubattery display the battery percentage? If so then the battery status readout is working, which would suggest a user interface software issue. If not then that could suggest a fault on the battery circuitry even if the cells themselves are OK (which would be enough reason for me to get it replaced - I don't like taking chances with lithium batteries).

What exactly do you mean by "the settings displayed the battery monitor not working"?
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Since you already have the Accubattery app installed you already have a utility that reveals a lot of otherwise hidden data about your battery and the overall discharging/charging process. It displays not just if your battery is healthy or not, it shows an estimated numeric percentage that varies as the the battery ages. Other tabs in its display show discharging and charging data, in milliamps, showing data on power usage that gets updated every few seconds so you can get a rough idea on what's tapping your battery in real time. You don't need to install or buy a tool, you already have an information rich utility installed.
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