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Battery drainage problem


Dec 22, 2012
First of all I guess I am to introduce myself...Hi my name is Paula (prvb) I'm having
what I gather is a normal problem with Android phones and there need for
very frequent battery charging.
I'm interested in picking up an external battery pack from maybe Anker or
PowerGen. I've been looking for a much longer time than it should take to
decide on one.

Big problem I'm having is being able to tell what will work for my phone.
I have a Galaxy S 4G.... they all work for the Galaxy 2 and Galaxy 3 but I
don't see mine listed. I want to be sure so as not to have to return.

Any info. or knowledge that can be passed on would be greatly appreciated.

Hope this gets to the right place (I keep getting notices that I doing things
wrong) in fact I just noticed that this section is not for questions. Oh well
I'm sending this anyway....by the time I figure this site out I'll probably have
what I'm looking for..... getting very frustrated. Paula
Hello Paula, welcome to Android Forums! Sorry you're feeling frustrated, let's see if I can help you out a bit...

I am not too familiar with batteries, but I'll point you in the accessory section for you device... they should know the answer there.
Samsung Galaxy S - Android Forums

Now, battery drain could be an issue all by itself, and there are some threads about that as well. It often has to do with update rates (facebook every 15 minutes for example), and using wifi in areas that have it (I hear that wifi uses less power than the 3g/4g antenna)...

Also, I've found that if you have poor signal (3/4g) where you live, that can negatively impact the battery life.

Hope this helps you out, if you have any questions feel free to ask! :)
Also, happy holidays! :santaclaus:
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