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Help Battery draining - how to stop/minimize

Dear Android experts,

Please help me. After the last software upgrade of my Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T phone I found out that phone battery discharge much faster than previouslly. Under battery consumption the following applications are listed.


Please could you advice me how to close/remove the first application from the list since it could not be deleted, as could be seen from the non active options on the second figure; where it is written : Battery consumed for radio 48.31%. I can not find icon which associate Stanje mirovanja - state of Hibernation - in any menu.


Best regards from Slovenia.
That looks like the cellular use, not a 'radio' like over the airwaves for music or talk.

That is still called radio, because it is using radio waves.

But on a device like this it is the use of the phone.

The recent change of cellular technology can cause the useage to be higher if you are in a fringe service area.
I am not sure of the scheduled technology changes in your country, but 3G is going away fast here.
Now everything is 4G LTE or 5G, and I am in an area with poor reception on those bands.
Therefore my device uses more power searching for and maintaining a signal.

This may also be your issue.
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Thanks for considering my problem. I switched from 4G LTE to 3G and 2G and back to 4G LTE, but without any improvement. After that I switched phone OFF and restarted it again, and troubles dissapeared. Before software update I filled phone battery approximately once per week, but after the update something changed and I had to recharge battery almost each day. It seems to me that this version of MIUI Android needs improvements...

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