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Help Battery draining really fast



Hello, my phone model is Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro and it's 2 months old. For the last few days my battery has been draining really fast. In less than 24 hours it went from 100 % to 60 %, without me using the phone much. The day before the same happened. In 12 hours it went from 60 % to 40 %. What I also noticed was a lot of mobile data usage for the current month, more than double of my normal usage for a month.
There are facilities in the Settings to see where the Data and Battery usage is going, and how to minimise them.

Off my head (so people tell me) 100 to 60% in 24 hours doesn't seem bad, though I don't know what it would be if you don't use it at all.

I have one 2020 Xiaomi I use all the time (a Poco F2 Pro) and keep my first 2020 purchase Mi 10 Lite 5G at home, usually turned on but not connected when I'm out.
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You should take the time to get familiar with the Settings menu in your Redmi phone. That might reveal a lot of relevant details that point out what the problem might be. Look in the Battery menu for what apps are using a lot of power and look in the Mobile network menu to check the data usage. (... the exact naming might be slightly different for those menu option titles, they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and by Android version).
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