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Help Battery drains in certain conditions only - Solved!


Oct 6, 2019
Samsung Galaxy A02 - Android 11.

After testing several apps I found the best one for my needs to be the one in the below link for camera blocking.


It is the only one that was able to block the microphone and camera in all apps and it will automatically enable the mic when making or receiving the mic on any app.

It has a battery saver option. But I don't use it because it makes the app unstable and it would sometimes quit on me for no reason. I also disabled the device optimization for this app from settings so that it works until the battery reaches 0%.

The app would work perfectly without any issues at all. Even it is left undisturbed for 10 days. Yes my phone can last 2 - 3 weeks without recharging.

If at any moment I restart the device or the app closes and is reopened or I toggle the switch to off and then on again then the battery would drain to 0% in just a few hours. It would only stop draining after the recharge.

I would like some recommendations to stop that from happening. This issue did occur with other apps. But I don't remember the apps that did the same thing anymore.
It could be a bug in the app, though just to be sure have you confirmed that it is the source of the drain in these cases? The fact that it happens if you toggle its settings sounds like it, but the fact that it stops after a recharge is odd. You could try reporting the problem to the app developer.

But the same thing happening with other apps makes me wonder whether there is some common cause, i.e. there is something else on your phone that gets triggered by these actions and stops the phone sleeping. So it might be worth checking what is using the power (use a third party app if your phone's settings don't provide enough information) to see whether you can identify the cause for sure.
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Device care is the built in app and it always reports another app that is for FTP. However, the other app no longer drains the battery quickly and I never got reports that the app I am discussing here has caused any issues but it does clearly show in the battery usage is that it is responsible for the drainage.

Apps like Kaspersky battery saver used to work great on older Android O/S. but seems they are no longer allowed to do the same on the new devices and I think it could have solved the issue. I know about that because I had a thread here about that and someone explained to me that now Android manages the battery usages.

I just need an expert to give me a tip that might work. I learned that there is always a work around.
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I tried contact the developers but got no response.

I found a similar app that does the very same thing that is also designed for newer versions of Android and works with Auto allow of Mic use when making or receiving calls.


So far it is working much better without any battery leak.

I will close this thread if it keeps working well.
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