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Battery Life Drain

So about a month ago, a few days after the 4th of July, I upgraded from my old HTC M8 to the S7. I almost went with the LG G5 because I really liked the extra battery life that would come with the second battery, but I also needed to have a case on my phone, and the case would have interfered with the modular component.

I didn't really keep track of the battery life the first two weeks, noticing it was better than my worn-down HTC, but I do have to say I was a little disappointed that it wasn't that much of an improvement. Two weeks in, though, my phone was hit with a software update, and the battery life just drained like crazy. Doing nothing, on Wi-Fi, I could lose 4-5% an hour.

I tried everything; dimming the brightness, closing out all my apps, etc. Finally, I talked with my dad who had also upgraded to the S7 a few weeks before me, and he agreed that his battery life had gone downhill. We took our phones in to our local Verizon store, which is only a retailer, and they put us on with customer service. Customer service suggested factory resetting the phone and said that would probably work, so we both did that.

My dad says his battery life has noticeably improved, but mine is the same, if not worse, on top of worse because now when I go to use my apps I get a notice that I'm getting a screen overlay that's interfering, which I hadn't had before the reset.

When I look at what's using up the battery, the biggest drain is the Android OS, which uses anywhere from 33-40% at any given time after charging, and the Android system, which usually uses 20-33% itself, though today was the first time in the last week and a half I've been monitoring it that I've noticed it dropped down to 11%. The Cloud also takes up about 10%, though I've forced that one to stop partway through the day. Looking around the forums, it seems like that's part of the way Samsung is reporting the battery drain, but compared with Pokemon Go, which only uses between 4-7%? I am skeptical.

I did a test and compared it with my old HTC. I had both phones turned off and charged to 100% overnight. When I turned them on, I had them side-by-side and used them simultaneously, doing a pretty good job of using the same apps concurrently. In one hour, my HTC was at 85%, and my S7 at 86%. I stopped using my HTC and just went back to my Samsung. 4 and a half hours after turning on my S7, the battery was at 25% (and this was using wi-fi, trying to optimize brightness and everything), and I'd only gotten 3 hours and 9 minutes of screen time.

Since I already factory reset my phone, should I feel justified in asking for a replacement, since my local store is only a retailer? I feel like a brand new S7 should have a noticeably better battery life than a worn-out HTC. Not to mention that doing the same exact routine in the morning, I would leave the house for work with 94% of battery with the HTC, and now I get 90% at best with the S7. I think my dad is getting about 5-6 hours of screen time on his S7, at least, and when I looked around the forums here, I saw that's about what I could expect.

Suggestions and input welcome!
3hrs screen on time (SOT) and 25% left isn't that bad to be honest if you are playing games as well. If you have the screen on for long periods its going to drain the battery. If you are also playing that PATHETIC pokemon game, the drain will be more pronounced as it's CPU intensive as well as having the screen on for long periods. I guess your Dad doesn't play that many games and that's probably why he gets a few more hours SOT than you ;) Please don't tell me he plays Pokemon as well!

Maybe you should play pokemon on the HTC as well, then you can do a proper comparison to the S7.

Having said that your issue seems to be when it is idling its using way too much battery there, it should be only using 1-2% per hour. Have you got poor cell signal where you are?
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