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Help Battery Life

Tamosaur... wow, somethings wrong. Unplugged mine at 1145 am. It's now 830pm. So thats close to.. 9 hours. I am at %45, and I just played angry birds for the last 20 minutes. Several calls today, and a few texts, downloaded and installed several apps. Ran a few benchmarks. Played heavy gunner for a short minute (one stage).
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tamosaur, when I was buying my myTouch 4G the rep told me that when he first charged his phone and used it, his phone died in 3-4hrs. He thought something was definitely wrong but after charging it all the way again, the phone lasted him 24 hrs with ~30%'ish left. That being said he said he's not a heavy user (no games, just phone calls,texts, browing web 3-4times). So i don't know if you calibrated it yet but why don't you use your phone until it shuts off on its own and recharge all the way. If anything you have 30 days return period so you're safe.
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battery life is pretty decent. better than the mytouch slide. First, hspa+ speeds are often as fast as home network so I've been keeping wifi off. I also don't have gps or bluetooth on.

get thru an entire work day but it does drop off quite a bit towards the end of the day.

I have push mail from two accounts and the usual widgets, weather, facebook, etc. So, on balance battery is ok. the only thing I miss about Blackberry is the great battery life.
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Superpower had me at 56% after 9 hours yesterday. There's no signal in my office, so unless I airplane mode it, it spends a LOT of time looking for signal. Then I played Wordfued for over an hour and it took me below 30%. I played with it pretty extensively after that and it died about 3 hours later.

Internet related activities certainly seem to be the biggest drain by far.
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I have found that poorly coded apps are the biggest drain on the battery. I downloaded something from the market and while it had no good reason to run in the background, it was and just sucking the life out of my battery. I would share what app it was, but I went through in mass deleting apps trying to fix the issue so not sure exactly which one it was.

I seem to be back on track to getting at least 8-9 hours of usage before needing a recharge. Which I consider to be acceptable for any smartphone now days.'
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