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Help Battery replacement

Well, whatever you do do NOT charge it again.
A bulging battery is a no - no.

I don't know when it was first released, though it seems to be still available through Argos in the UK, and it's showing as having a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

If it's not covered by a current warranty, and you cannot source a battery for it (they may be a generic unit) then you're out of luck.
Try a long standing reputable mobile repair shop and ask them to have a look.

Best now though, if it's still working, is save all the data you need before it's irretrievable.

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FYI, when you need a battery for an Android device, just enter the model number of the battery itself (printed on the actual battery) into your search bar in your browser and search it.

Disregard any info that comes up about whatever device it may fit- if the model number matches, then it is the same battery.

Stay away from e-bay, and that sort of thing.
I have had excellent luck with Amazon.
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