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Before Starting A New Thread


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May 4, 2010
Just want to rant about something...

It really gets on my nerves (and I'm sure it creates more work for the mods) to see tons of new threads about the same "news" pop up in many different places on the forums. I try not to start a new thread if the information I'm looking for or that I want to post is already present. I try to use the search button as much as possible to answer my questions before starting a new thread. If only everyone would watch this old video, maybe it would help out, but alas, it's just wishful thinking. :rolleyes:

YouTube - Posting and you
Ummmmm...... if you followed your own advice, you would have searched and posted in one of the threads that rants about this same subject.

Really the only topics that bother me are the ones with vague titles. If I'm on my phone I can't preview the first few lines to see if it's worth reading.

I did search, but most seemed to be general ranting threads. I was looking for stickies or threads for one that specifically addressed the issue of too many recent threads about the same subjects, most all of them about "news". However, if there is one specifically about this same subject, feel free to delete this. I won't get butthurt. :)

I do agree with the one's about vague titles, i.e. "Should I...." I usually avoid those, but sometimes when one has too many replies to it, I can't help but click on it to see what the fuss is all about.
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I'm a noob and i've searched for the past hour on how to start a thread from my phone on the forum I see no option for this action....

If you're using the browser on your phone, this website should look the same as it does on your computer. Go to the top of any of the forum sections and there should be a button for starting threads. If it doesn't, go to your browser, hit Menu<more<settings and uncheck mobile view. If you're using an app or something like the other guy said, I have no idea.
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Well it's nice that members search before they post a thread. Personally, when I try to search the full Android Forums (that search box in the subtitle bar), I find that it's a bit wonky. And what I mean by wonky is that it sucks. Searching the specific forum is much easier, especially when you use the advance search. I usually prefer to search for the title and NOT the whole damn posts, lol. The search is default to searching the posts.

I find the best way to search AF is to use Google and just put in whatever you're looking for and 'Android Forums'. You always get the best/relevant results every time.

Now, I want to remind everyone that it's against the forum rules/guidelines to tell a member to simply 'search'. We want to be as helpful as possible and not scare for a very new Android user.

Please observe the following rules/guidelines as a member here:

General Conduct: Also while the search feature on forums is great, and hopefully will be utilized - if someone comes here and asks a question, either answer it or don't. If you're going to suggest the search feature, be polite about it. Nothing irks me more than when I go to a forum, (and use the search!), then ask a question because I want some one on one with my problem, and get a simple "Use the search." reply. Suggesting it is encouraged, but don't withhold the answer because they don't.

If you find a duplicate thread or anything for that matter, just use the !Report button. Even if it's the smallest thing, we don't mind. Anything wrt the site...we won't wash your dirty underwear though or cook dinner for you :p

We rather have our members OVER !Report than not report it. If you don't know and feel uncomfortable with a post, simply report it and we will look into it. Our decisions and actions may seem more invisible than not, but we check every !Reported post that get reported.

And yes, I took advantage of the topic of the thread to preach ;)

Your sweetest smelling moderator
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I think news is news and there is no single place where it will get the attention I want to give it.

Sure, 1 in Lounge, 1 in android lounge, 1 in android applications is annoying. BUT 1 in Galaxy S3, 1 in HTC Desire is not.

HTC Desire forums are my mini-eco system of peers so if there is something I specifically think they needto know, I will post it there.

But yeah vague titles really annoy me. REALLY!.

"HTC desire help" in a desire forum for example. GRRRRRRRRR!
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