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Help Best Android for around or less than $100?


Feb 14, 2016
TL;DR: $100 or less phone that is good all around with StraightTalk capabilities. (5.0.0+)

Without diving too in depth with details, I would like to know your opinions on the best Android phones for around the $100 mark. Maybe $110 max.
I'm not expecting a lot.. And yes, personal preference does play part to a degree, but I just want a good all-rounder for this price range.
-Can play OKAY games, no need for high speed racers.
-I'm not too picky with screen or camera as this will be a phone that will maybe be used for a year.

One thing I am somewhat adamant about is the version. I am NOT a fan of much below Lollipop. I'm not sure if such low-end phones can be 5.1+, but if possible that would be ideal.
Basically, list your favorites for this mark and reasons why you pick it over others. I want phones to look for rather than phones to avoid.
Used phones are not an option.
The phone needs to have StraightTalk capabilities.

As you can imagine, with all these factors on hand.. my options are quite limited. I expect to see only a few options if any.

I have been aimed towards
Moto E 2nd Gen
Moto G 2nd Gen
Samsung Galaxy J1
LG Leon
Blu Studio C
Blu Studio 5.0in.

That's mainly it. I'm open to other options, of course. And would love if you could include reasons as to why you'd pick either phone. I hear absolutely awful reviews about them such as apps not responding or constant lag, but then go and see reviews ranting about the phone. I suppose that goes for any, though.

Hopefully I am posting this in the correct area. Thanks for all who tackle this with me.


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