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Best android keyboard for swyping?

Hi guys! I am new here but I searched the forums here and couldn't really find a forum that talked about the advantages/disadvantages of different swype keyboards.

I have had my Galaxy S4 (Verizon) for about a month and a half now, and text a lot. Before this phone I had an old Pantech Joust for a few years, so I am used to keyboard typing and how fast that is. Now after this last month or so I am addicted to the ease of swyping my texts with one hand, and there seems to be a few keyboards for this.

What is the best in your guys opinion? Is Samsung's stock swype software better then Swype? I wouldn't mind buying one as long as it isn't crazy expensive and wouldn't mind the free trial with it :).

Thanks in advance!!
I've tried several swyping keyboards, including tge Samsung keyboard, but I ended up coming back to Swype. It's just more accurate at predicting swiped words. Also, my native language isn't among the dictionaries of most keyboards, and I actually managed to teach Swype a ton of words, so essentially I'm sweeping two languages. The other keyboards had a clunky way of aging new word to the dictionary.
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I've used: Swype, Swiftkey (with flow turned on), go, kii, android 4.2, SlideIT, touchpal and perhaps one or two more.

The only two I recommend are Swiftkey and Swype.

Swiftkey: Most accurate word prediction. Swiping is a close second to Swype and all the others are far behind these two. Swiftkey has some pretty cool things coming up though, according to the rumors.

Swype: Slightly, but definitely more accurate than Swiftkey for swiping. Word prediction is very good. Easy to edit personal dictionary

I recommend you try as much of the 30-day Swype and Swiftkey trials as you wish to. That should help you decide. Swype is only $1 for the paid version in Play store. Swiftkey is $4 for the paid version, but it goes on sale often. So, add them on twitter, google+ or something and see if you can get it for less while you try the two out.

Overall, there is a reason why Swiftkey is ALWAYS the #1 paid app in the Play Store.


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I would say that Swype and the Google keyboard are the best for gesture typing. I was using Swype, but recently changed to the Google keyboard. I liked the layout of the symbols a bit more on the Google keyboard. It was a very close decision for me. If you are not willing to pay for Swype, give the Google keyboard a try.

I have used SwiftKey Flow. For gesture typing, SwiftKey Flow just isn't as good as Swype/Google. The reason is that SwiftKey Flow predicts your next word after you finished a word. I want it to give me alternatives to the current word after using gesture typing as gesture typing is rather inaccurate. Swype and Google gives alternatives to the current word in the prediction line that I can simply tap to change the word I finished typing.

For touch typing, SwiftKey is just better than the other two. I generally touch type in landscape and gesture type in portrait, so I switch between SwiftKey and Google depending on orientation.
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