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Nov 24, 2009
What are some of your best or most used apps or games (paid or free) with the behold 2. since coming from the g1 I was able to eliminate a few.
Klaxon alarm- Paid (as Night clock wont work with the phone) (got rid of this as it wouldnt stay on all night)
Flashlight- free (use every day)

Robo defense- Paid (awesome, free or paid version)
abduction- Free
is there a music app with an equalizer and special effects? i like editing the sound when listening to music, like making it sound like its in a hall or arena etc...

there sure is its called the STOCK MUSIC PLAYER. read your manual, it will tell you how to access the multi-channel equalizer. No "special effects" though whatever that means, but you can set the music to live and it sounds like being in a large hall or theater. also has preset settings for rock, bass, custom, and many many others.
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