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Best Droid Texting Settings? What are your Text Settings for your Droid?


May 21, 2011
Could you please tell me what you have checked off for your droid texting settings?

Just got the Droid Charge there are A LOT of texting settings (i am learning how to use swype) but what are the best settings to us on the droid....

example: word prediction turned on?Word choice window setting.... speed vs. accuracy..... Autofull Stop? XT9/Predictive Text? Word completion?Auto-append? Next Word prediction?.....

What Text Settings are checked off on your droid?
Most oftl the time, I wouldn't even worry about it. Most phones, out of the box, are set up almost to the T, where most average users wont even have to look at the settings.

As dar as all the settings go, however, I say just leave them be. If something in particular seems off, look in the settings for something named closely to what you're looking for. Just for a rough and easily explained problem: Say that, while using Swype, you find it to be taking too long to oull out the words after you finish swyping it all out. Go into the settings and adjust the 'Speed vs. Accuracy' more to the speed side to get said desired result.
Most of the time, the names of the settings alone usually be obvious enough to allude to what exactly it is their purpose is. Again, I hate saying it, and at the risk of sounding an *rear end*-hole, but just read and experiment. Also, I find the common red neck phrase 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it!' to apply quite well forbmost anything.

Also, for future reference, this is totally the wrong section. Down near the bottom of the frojt page, there is a ton of links to all the android phones, quite literally I think. There's even boards made for phones that aren't released yet. But anyway, just find your phone down there, click the link, and either post there, or look for a 'Problems and troubleshooting' Section up top.

Oh, and as always, welcome to the forums!
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What was your previous phone? I used to own an iPhone and became accustom to their keyboard. I now use Smart Keyboard Pro.

Another general hint that always helps me when I get a new phone (previously I didn't have all my contacts backed up through Google) was to manually enter each contact. Not a huge task for me in the past b/c I keep less than 100 contacts. Also it allowed me to eliminate numbers that I no longer need.

Grats on the new phone, I went into a store yesterday specifically to check that phone out and was impressed. If it had a dual core processor that'd be enough to make me buy a new phone.

I hope it works out well for you.
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