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Bionic or Vigor


May 14, 2010
Ok my upgrade is on the 26th of Sept with Verizon. Thank the lord I can get rid of this droid eris. Now, to those of you in the know, I was looking at the Bionic but saw the Vigor was supposedly coming out the next week on Oct 5th. Is this phone worth waiting for or is the Bionic the way to go? I have liked my HTC even if it has grown to be prehistoric compared to these new phones. Basically looking for your opinions on the better company and build for these coming out. Or, if you have one that I did not mention worth getting. THANKS guys
Correct the prime hasn't been confirmed to the best of my knowledge. Some are saying it will be on VZW in Oct but nothing from Google, Samsung (the expected OEM), or VZW. If you can pick up an OG droid for the time being if you really can't stand the eris. It is a good phone, outdated but a step up from the eris. You should be able to pick up a used one for pretty cheap.
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