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Blade V8 Pro: Always shoot with HDR ON for the best photo quality


Android Enthusiast
Jun 3, 2010

My #1 complaint with the ZTE Blade V8 Pro's camera is the lack of dynamic range and over-the-top high contrast. When looking over your snaps you'll notice that bright areas of the image are almost always completely blown out, while shadows are far too dark to make out any sort of detail. It's incredibly frustrating but there's a way to fix this.

Just like on devices like the Google Pixel, I highly recommend sticking to the phone's HDR mode when shooting. Not off. Not auto. ON. This will dramatically improve dynamic range with colors that are far more vibrant and you'll get a much better exposed photo. The best part is shooting with HDR ON is nearly just as quick as shooting without.

This isn't always the case, however, with HDR occasionally struggling in low light causing abnormally long shutter lag -- and an equally steady hand -- to keep from blurring the image. It's rare you run into this issue though.

So while HDR isn't best suited for every situation, you should still make it a point to use it whenever you can. Don't believe me? Here are a handful of before (left) and afters (right), that show you exactly what I'm talking about.

ZTE Blade V8 Pro before after HDR 4.jpg ZTE Blade V8 Pro before after HDR 3.jpg ZTE Blade V8 Pro before after HDR.jpg ZTE Blade V8 Pro before after HDR 1.jpg


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