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BLE Scanning scan very few advertisements on one device versus others


I have built a BLE scanning application and on a Mecer tablet device running Android 7, the Scan Results has lots of advertisements as compared to a Webfleet PRO 8475 running android 9 which has very few advertisements scanned everry second. Any suggestions on what could be wrong, the Android 9 scan misses most of my BLE beacons but the Android 7 scans all beacons.
You're apparently doing a one-to-one comparison of two different things. Bluetooth Low Energy is basically used in the market sector. Companies use BLE to push their ads to mobile devices within range. Conversely, a Webfleet Pro 8475 is a task-specific device to be used in traffic situations.
Ads popping up in your app are expected, an indication the app is working properly. Ads showing up on a Webfleet device would be an annoying distraction.
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