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blind type updates?


Aug 22, 2010
I have been looking for a while to find any updates on googles progress since it purchased blind type. I have checked the blindtype website and it has not been updated at all since googles purchase. If someone can give me links to a new update thread that would be great but if anyone just has any updates that have floated down from somewhere that would be fine to. I have been looking foward to blind type ever since I saw it a few months ago. But it seems google bought the software to shut it up since it seemed ready to ship from videos I was watching.
I've been following this for awhile now and I'm starting to think I'm not going to see this on the market anytime soon. Google will hold out so THEY can perfect it or whatever they plan on doing, legal stuff maybe? My favorite app shapewriter was pulled for the same reason when it was purchased and it was perfect in itself, google holds out on swype so I would have to upgrade phones unless I wanted a buggy port. When will I get a decent typing experience that is customed to what I want without being forced accept what google wants me to have. Sounds like google has a case of the "Steve Jobs". My ranting is done now. Typed with smart keyboard on Droid1.
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I think you're placing your blame falsely. Shaprewriter was acquired by Nuance and google has no blame for that being pulled. It's the company that owns it's choice to remove it from the market. As for swype, the company behind that is trying to get the OEMs (Samsung, htc, moto, etc) to pre install it to the devices (for a price i assume) and don't want it in the market. That's the companies choice yet again, not google. As for the first issue of why we haven't seen blindtype out yet? Who knows, they could be finalizing the legal side of it, or the more likely reasoning, is putting it into the next version of android. It would be a nice showcase feature of version that has blindtype in it.

This surely isn't a case of google becoming "Steve Jobs."
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I know google didn't acquire shapewriter and I understand google isn't entirely to blame but I'm just sick of the horrible keyboard options available to me as a user of an android phone. It's suppose to be the most creative with a huge indie like dev following and pushing out great applications that makes each phone unique but I find myself waiting for or losing features/apps that could bring out androids potential but to no avail. Shouldn't apps be swarming the market ever since adobe air released? False promises made by android as a whole to keep us waiting in mediocrity.

Oh to keep subject within thread subject, "WE WANT BLIND TYPE"!
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