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Help BLU Dash L4 LTE - NO cel service in medical buildings


Dec 20, 2014
Title says it all! I get that this phone isn't the greatest, but I literally NEVER have service issues anywhere, except the moment I walk into pretty much any new-ish medical-type building. Everyone else around me will be on their phones, so I know not ALL signal is being cutoff, yet mine just says "no service". Try rebooting -- nothing. So I have to think it's the radio. Just wondering if there's anything I can try with the network settings or something before I chuck the phone altogether.
Who is your carrier? That plays into it a bit as well as your phone. When I was on Sprint, my connection was always spotty at best when I went to see my doctor.
I'm on T-Mobile. In my general area, Verizon is known as having the most coverage, with T-Mobile a close 2nd. I never have connection issues anywhere else, and I've had this model phone for about 1 1/2 years. Also, my Mom who is nearby and has a budget phone on Mint Mobile (MVNO of T-Mobile) sometimes loses connection but can reconnect after a reboot... so I THINK T-Mobile is pretty decent in our area.
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