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Help Blue Error handler!! Please Help


Aug 31, 2011
I been searching the web for solution but to no avail. I have the Blue Error Handler and I can only get the phone in emergency mode, I tried the KDZ FW UPD but the LG Update software won't connect with the phone. I don't know any other way to get my LG eve working again. I can't fastboot and any help would be greatly appreciate.
I have the same problem... Rogers tech support got me to hold camera, volume down, and menu (on keyboard) buttons together while it starts up and I was able to get to the "android" loading screen after the rogers screen, but then its just black, nothing else. I can get into emergency mode too... I have tried everything here: http://androidforums.com/eve-support-troubleshooting/38651-stuck-emergency-mode.html and more, but can't get it working. All I was doing was updating firmware using regular LG software. Any ideas?
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