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So for five days now I have been trying to get my Google pay balance transferred to my bank account, but now since Google "re did" GP I cannot log into Google pay account without a phone. I do not have a cell phone, I have not had a cell phone for over a year now but that's besides the point. I don't understand why all of these programs are making it impossible now to do anything without a phone so I download BlueStacks didn't get very far with that then I installed Nox didn't get anywhere with that so now I am back to BlueStacks. I also live in outside the US but my bank is in the US so I have to download a free VPN and run that while I'm running BlueStacks. So I'm there, I can log into my Google pay but now it is making me set up a security lock screen and I hit the okay button and it takes me to the lock screen area and I tried to set a lock screen in Bluestacks and I do but it doesn't save it. It just keeps saying there's none set. So then I downloaded a third-party lock screen to see if that would work, and locked Google pay but it does not recognize it as locked so what can I do?? Please help I just want to get my Google pay set up once again so I can get my money transferred. I'm about to rip my hair out and throw my computer out the window. I am beyond frustrated please help me!!!
I believe the Google Pay app can only be used on approved phones and tablets, and an emulator running on a computer isn't one of them. Apart from no lock(PIN or pattern) on the Android environment that the BlueStacks emulator uses, AFAIK it also appears as a rooted device to Android apps, and Google Pay won't run on a device that's been rooted. It's the same with most banking and financial apps, they usually only run on approved phones and tablets.
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