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Bluetooth connected and playing but no audio


Nov 11, 2021
I finally saw someone else with a similar problem.. already replied there but I think this is a bit different so I made this post.

I used my car's bluetooth media for podcasts with no problems for 2 years until september, then suddenly the smartphone said it's connected and the app (podcastaddict) is playing but no sound comes out, neither it seems to recognize the car keys to play/pause the track. (volume is ok ofcourse). even voice commands don't work, but the devices result connected on both the car and the smartphone, media play on bluetooth is on, phone calls is on.
my phone is a xiaomi pocophone f1.
I checked and tried a lot of solutions but nothing worked. even got into developer options to change things but didn't work.
I tried other older podcasts I've already listened to, same result.
recently my car didn't get any update, my phone didn't get any update, podcastaddict support says it's not their problem, the problem persisted by using other music apps, the smartphone apps relative to bluetooth etc didn't get updates, android system apps neither.
the only thing that changed was android auto updates, plus when I connect the phone via usb and use android auto I can listen to the podcasts without any problem and voice commands work.
I checked with another phone and it worked only the first time then it got the same problem, but it was a xiaomi too and it had android auto too.
I checked with my bluetooth earbuds and sometimes I get the same problem (playback on but no sound), but after a few seconds they disconnect, reconnect and it works fine.


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