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Bluetooth paring


Dec 1, 2009
Hi all!

Just received my first HTC device (HTC Tattoo) and I have tryed several times to pared that for my old Nokia device for sending contact (Vcard) to my new and superb phone. Unfortunately I have no success on that. It will always inform me paired but not connected. Is there any how has similar problems with Android platform or is there any another way to copy contact information S40 device.

Thanks for your help.
Yeah, if you want to do anything other than connect a wireless headset, bluetooth as it stands on the Tattoo is pretty awful. Hopefully Android 2.0 will help out here. In the meantime, I've seen at least one app on the Android market that purports to enable full bluetooth capabilities.
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...maybe there is a easyest way, but I don't know

or better..
1. sync your nokia with outlook
2. install HTC Sync
3. export outlook contacts to Tattoo via HTC Sync
HTC Sync upgrade (V2.0.8) for Magic, Hero & Tattoo

Rassha and jporch316 thanks for your help. Sync actually also works with Windows live, because don't have outlook. (after I have updated win7, I have to consider new emailclient)
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