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Android Car Radio & Android Smarphone - problem with bluetooth loudspeaker system

Hello there! ;-)
I've got a problem with Android car radio (no-name Chinese product with Android 10... Chinese, but from sort of middle price range. Generally a decent piece of electronics... just saying ;-)) and its Bluetooth Loudspeaker system. The Smartphone (relatively modern POCO X3 NFC with Android 12) is only paired with Android Car Radio via Bluetooth (I'm not using Android Auto... That's a long story!) The point is, loudspeaker system works, but sounds quality is simply awful.
1. I've downloaded sounds recording app to test the mic... I recorded my voice and played it aloud - the sound quality was VERY good. So, I assume my case is not about damaged mic.
2. I wanted to explore advanced Bluetooth options in smartphone's Android Developer Mode. However, there was quite a lot of them, I decided to keep with default values.
3. When I talk via smartphone I don't have any reception issues... So that's not the point here!
4. Finally (perhaps that matters?) I don't have sim card inserted into Android Car Radio. I always use my smartphone as a wi-fi hot spot while I'm driving, usually I don't complain about this solution (another long story ;-)).

Can anyone suggest what my be the reason of terrible sound quality? At this point I don't have idea how to solve it. I could send it back to the seller, but I really think it's not a hardware issue. So, if the seller would send me a new radio, I might experience the same trouble. What would You recommend? If I missed something, I will clarify ;-)
I've never heard of an Android Car Radio that takes a SIM card. Kind of hard to diagnosis the issue without a make and model number.
Well, if You want to use internet (for example LTE or 5G) in Your Car Radio, You might use technology Android Auto. However, if You don't want to use Android Auto but still need internet, then Sim Card is another solution. Some models include slot for Sim Card.
But I don't use it, I always use my smartphone as a local wi-fi hot spot for the Car Radio... I'm aware it's quite unusual, but it works reasonably well. Just BTW!

The car radio, the make is "Joying", and the model is the following: JY-UQS10N4G-DA
If You have never heard about it, I would not be surprised - it's just another Chinese makes, it's not something highly popular or recognisable worldwide... Just saying!
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Sound quality will depend on the speakers and the actual sound file.
Are you listening to music? Mp3?
What quality bitrate are they?

I've been listening mp3 audiobook on this radio... It was simple MP3 file, the bitrate was 192 and the sound quality was very good.
Moreover, I downloaded sound recording app, I recorded my voice and played it aloud - the quality was very good too.

I'm sorry if I was not precise. My problem is about bluetooth loudspeaker system calls. When I call, the voice I can hear (from the radio's speakers) is VERY bad, whereas person on the other end can barely hear me. That's the case here. I'm sure it's not about the damaged mic or speakers... Generally I really don't believe it's a hardware issue.
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