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Help bmgr restore trouble

Søren Tarp

Jan 25, 2022
My Samsung Galaxy A51 was wiped by accident (not by me, but by a security app installed by my employer) but fortunately it was backed up to Google Drive before the reset.

When restarting the phone it can not find or restore from the backup, that I see clearly when I log into Google Drive.
I have installed an ADB shell at my PC and permitted developer access through USB on the phone.

With the
".\adb shell bmgr list sets"
command in a shell I can see the (above mentioned) backup listed.

However when I try to recover the backup with the token number, bmgr outputs this:

"Scheduling restore: Galaxy A51
restoreStarting: 0 packages
restoreFinished: -1000

Apparently nothing is restored and I can not figure out why.
Can anybody understand or give a hint how to make the bmgr to recognise or evoke the backup set, that is not empty.
Thanks, Soren


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