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Help Bookmark thumbnails?


Oct 16, 2010
I had a HTC Desire which had a screen with Bookmark Thumbnails.

Now I have a Samsung Mesmerize. It has red flag icons as bookmarks, when I open one, only then can I press the menu button and see "Thumbnail View" when i press that, its takes me to a screen, full of bookmarks just like I use to have on my desire, is there anyway to get this screen to stay like that?

Thank you,

I had the Desire and now the Mesmerize... I believe the Desire has a Widget that allows you to have your bookmark thumbnails on it. Is this was you are referring to?

I know the widgets that are preloaded are different on each phone depending on the manufacture (HTC vs Samsung). If the widget on the Desire is what you are talking about, I would try the Android Market to see if you can find one.

If I'm reading your post wrong, let me know more about the issue and I will try to help.
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