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Root [Boost Mobile] anyone have stock via odin?

Really did you try going under advanced and fixing permission or you may need to format your sdcard but I doubt it
yup, i did specificly try to fix permissions... not one fuction works on ether cwm or twrp other than reboot to system and reboot to recovery... i cant even factory reset from cwm or the main system from options because when it reboots to do the wipe it uses commands from the recovery to do it... yes I've flashed recovery about 10 different time and re-downloaded it about five times in case i got a corrupted file while downloading. i had to obtain root with the sgs3 toolkit and use the sprint unsecured boot.img

I've noticed another person posted the same thing on xda ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=43238884&postcount=420 )... so I'm not the only one... just strange because its done it to me on 2 phones back to back.

:thinking:idk what to do but wait for a full odin backup so it will re-flash everything.

any help is appreciated:D
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