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Root [Boost Mobile] [Request)Boost Mobile 4.3 OTA Tar


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Dec 19, 2012
If anyone has captured the Boost Mobile official 4.3 tar, either via Kies, or OTA, I'd love to have a copy to run some comparisons. Before anyone flames me, I know the VM and BM updates are essentially the exact same, just as they were in MD7 and MG2, but I'd still like to run some side by sides on a few things I'm trying to work out.

Specifically, simply extracting the boot.img file from the VM OTA tar and making it flashable through Odin, and then flashing it, puts the stock kernel back on, but breaks wifi(on Boost anyway). I've heard of some folks that don't need the wifi fix, so I'm trying to deduce what is at the hub of the issue. Thanks in advance, and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone
Thanks everyone for the quick response and help. These will come in handy, but I actually need to get the official tar captured from Kies(about 1.4gb I assume). No hurry, and I'll keep this as well to pull stuff from. But as soon as someone snags the 1+ Gb tar from Kies, let me know(Boost variant!)
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