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Root Boot animation looping with Custom ROMs


Dec 10, 2009
So I've tried to flash like 3 different ROMs onto my Nexus One and every time I reboot, it just loops the boot up animation.

And now when I do a Nandroid Restore, it says wi-fi unable to start...

I have no idea what went wrong...

Anybody offer any type of insight??

Thank you!!
Well i went back through the process again, and this time it worked.

These were my steps:
-Start phone in Fastboot
-Wipe data---complete
-Wipe Dalvik-cache---complete
-Flash zip from SD
-Choose ROM---complete

For some odd reason, last night I did the same exact thing and it didn't work and I have no idea.

What were the other things that you listed above about MR5 and what not? I'd really like to know what that is exactly..

Thank you so much!!
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