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Root Booting into CWM

hey guys, coming from a Droid incredible where I could "power / down volume" into CWM.

the only way I have found to boot into CWM so far is through an app.

What have I missed?
Ya I vot thrown off by that also. I use quick boot app. The button combo sends you into bootloop although theres a zip file to get out of it. Links are in cwm thread by neph81.
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Yeah, I'm also coming from an Incredible. I don't exactly remember how I was able to get CWM on my old phone, so doing so with the Spectrum seems quite intimidating.

I need to read up on how it all goes again, since this Broken Out ROM sounds excellent. I also want to figure out how to get V6 Supercharger working...

I guess I have some reading to do...

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