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Help Bootloop, rarely turns on, need files


Jun 12, 2017
Phone: BLU Pure XL
Android: 5.1.1
Stock ROM, no Root, been rooted once before but removed..
My Pure XL began acting very strange after I dropped it- I've given up on the phone really at this point. I need to retrieve my files from it, but I come to some issues. The phone doesn't even turn on 90% of the time. For some reason, if I wait a while and then try, *it does start up, and either a) gets stuck at the Blu screen, or if it makes it past this which happens more often than not, b) it goes to Optimizing App X of X. Usually it gets to about 10 or 12 of 185 or 195, then freezes. It's completely unresponsive and the only way to turn it off is by disconnecting the battery. I tried waiting at this frozen state for about an hour and it did not unfreeze. I've been trying to get it to boot for 2 days now, and earlier today it jumped through all the way to about 100 of 185 but then froze. I've tried turning it on in recovery mode, but since I don't know if it will turn on most of the time I forget to turn it on in recovery mode when it does manage to turn on. I feel like not all hope is lost because the phone seems to be functioning for the most part, but I just can't seem to get past the Optimizing app. Currently the phone is not rooted but it has been rooted before.
Also, today I've noticed sometimes the optimizing app nearly finishes, but it is very choppy and laggy. I got to 187 of 194 and 182 of 187, but it then freezes like it would normally. Factory resets or similar are out of the question since I don't care about the phone itself rather the contents.
Day 3, I have no consistant way to turn it on. Been at it all day and have only had it turn on 3 times. All 3 times it has stayed at Blu logo. I managed to boot into recovery mode and wipe cache partition last night, and since this I have not been able to turn it other than the 3 times


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