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Help brick solved

not sure what happened.
about a month ago i rooted (successfully) my lg g stylo from boost mobile.
i used the root method for the 5.1.1 for boost but thats all im sure of.
i was using link2sd and somehow i ended up getting a bootloop of a "Security Error" [Authenticaion Fail #9].
i can get into the system recovery which says "Android system recovery <3e> LMY47V.
so my question is how do i unbrick? is it possible? and do i use the z4 or z5 and what do those mean???
thanks for any help in advance
Hate to be bearer of bad news,but the B-loop is his answer,it must have updated to zv5 recently because anything zv5 and up has a security update to tamper proof the system folders,it's in a good brick right now,download the lg root tool and check the com ports and follow the instruction,it should fix it.trust me i had the same problem last month when my boost mob g stylo updated to zv7 and b-looped on a simple root procedure,but you don't have to take my word for it.
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