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Bricked My Phone Need Help To Get it Recovered


Aug 21, 2012
Hello Everyone,
I have ZTE N721(Karbonn A1) .
Last night i Was Editing Icons by replacing icons in framework-res.apk /res/drawable
Actually i was checking for change the coor of status bar
So they asked to change the things in /res/layout/status_bar.xml while i was trying to to do i was not getting how to do. So i replaced status_bar.xml with new status_bar.xml file from internet after that my android started restarting and also not able to enter the recovery mode tried to push the file via .adb but getting wither of the things like not permitted to push or something like that

So plz Help me By Guiding how to do!!

Thanks is Advance
Hey checked but i did not get my answer their
so plz help

What I think he met was to ask the device specific forum. This is a pretty unique problem and the device maintainers would likely have a better understanding. It is yet another testament to not mess with things you're not familiar with. Let the developers do that.

I would suggest just buying a new phone. It looks like a disposable smartphone, anyway. Get a mainstream device with developer support so you don't have to try to edit things yourself.
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