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Help Browser unresponsive and hangs


Android Expert
Jul 9, 2010
Marlton, NJ
While using the stock browser, sometimes clicking a link or opening up a new tab will load ~75%, then lock up and become non-responsive. I have to wait a few seconds and then get the "This app has stopped responding. Wait/Close" dialog box. Clicking "Wait" everything returns to normal until another link is clicked. This does seem to be random behavior, but is getting to be rather annoying. Using other browsers doesn't seem to help. Is this related to the WiFi issue? I've never had a single problem getting a signal or downloading, just seems to hang.

So has there been a fix to correct the behavior of the browsers on the Prime. Or am I the only one with this sort of issue?

Thinking of upgrading to the Infinity if this keeps up.
Glad to see that you started this thread, because I am suffering from the same issue from both the stock browser and Chrome. I get so tired of it. This tablet is causing me to hate Android! That's probably not fair for the others out there, but I'm just tired of the hangups, freezes, and random restarts. Would get a warrany replacement, but the glass cracked and I unlocked the bootloader.
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