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Root Busybox on the Behold 2

Xda is saving us here! I can't wait to start cooking!

[Script] BusyBox works on Behold 2 (Persistant) - xda-developers

Thanx Ozyman for posting this here. I was actually in the midst of posting it when I saw that you did. I need feedback. Has it worked for everyone, and for the person who said to put the --install in the root file can you please explain further. I also have a thread on alldroid.org about the partitions that are on the behold, its like 20 +. One awesome thing about this device is that it has 5 CPU governors, they are revealed and accessable with SetCPU from the market, also if anyone does not like the MMS/SMS app that comes with the phone there is a solution. You can download the SMS/MMS from XDA thats modded and it will install. Thanks again.. Lets get some Custom ROMS on here.

PS: To access Fastboot mode hold left dpad key + Power
To Access recovery mode hold vol down + send + power, then home+power will show the recovery module.
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