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Cal, Email & Contact Sync (Outlook & Android 4)

At home I use Outlook, and want to sync it with my Samsung Galaxy S3 when it comes. I want to sync email, calendar and contacts.

I guess just configure the Android device to use SMTP, thats how Outlook gets it mail.. so easy fix here

I assume I have to use a third party cloud host, such as Google Apps/Email/Calendar. So I setup a Google Calendar and looking into how to make my home outlook sync with it.. Anyone know how to do this?

I assume pretty much will have to use something similar to the calendar...
Hi there,

I just used Samsung Kies to sync my Samsung Galaxy S3 with my Outlook calendar and contacts. Here you find a short description:

Sync Samsung Galaxy S3 with Outlook

For my E-Mails I usually use my GMail account that I synchronize with Outlook (POP3/SMTP). To sync it with my Samsung Galaxy S3 I set up the account but I just want to see the new e-mails in my inbox. I did some settings in my Gmail account, here you will also find a short description:

GMail settings to display only new emails in your Samsung Galaxy S3 inbox

Hope this helps!
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Kies can sync to Outlook, but if you use Kies, you can't use Google to backup your Contacts and Calendar. Kies uses a separate directory from Google, labeled "My Contacts/Calendar", which the phone will warn you as not able to sync to Google.

I personally use Go Contact Sync Mod and Google Calendar Sync (both programs for your PC) to sync my Outlook to Google, then I have Google directly syncing to my phone.
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My company develops software called CompanionLink that handles Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes in one app. It's focused at people who want an all-in-one solution that is backed with free phone support for life. We do advanced things like categories for all data types, color categories that match Outlook, etc.

Sync the Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) with Outlook -- CompanionLink
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Well - the setup is complicated only by the number of instructions and the number of browser windows one ends up having open .... but once you've tortured yourself with getting everything into your head and into the settings, Companion Link works fine.

Frustrating, since I use the info, I seem to have lost all the call/sms history against each contact. There must be a way around this ... shame this fact wasn't (more obvious?) amongst all the instruction pages.

Another (mildly) frustrating thing was seeing within the CompanionLink setup that there is a Bluetooth connection possibility, but no instructions on how to set this up. I prefer no wires if possible.
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I was trying to use BT just after it was available, had several problems and managed to get a call from one of your very helpful colleagues.
He talked me through the BT setup and it worked first time.
I tried again later and had error messages and after several re-setups and attempts, I gave up.
But just tried BT again and it worked OK.
I know there have been a couple of updates to DejaOffice since then, so perhaps the problem was addressed.
I'll switch to wifi and back a few times to ensure that the changes are successful, and get back to you if I encounter any problems again.
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Hi Wayland

It's been more reliable - was basically OK until today when it refused to sync via Bluetooth.
The phone was paired OK and the laptop was seeing it happily (retrieving available services, etc).
Had to change to Wifi on both phone and laptop and then back to Bluetooth again before it would work.
Would be good if it would sync without having to have DejaOffice open. (It does sometimes ... bun often it doesn't).


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I would absolutely love to use Kies with my brand new S3 . However I am unable to do so. Evey time I reconnect (USB) my S3 to my PC, Kies says I must reconnect in Samsung Kies (PC Studio ) mode.

I would love to. But how? It gives me the path (Settings - > Applications -> Development -> USB debugging(x) ) to follow.

There is no such path !! There is a similar one ...

Settings -> Applications manager. But no Development option on it.

Is this how life with Samsung will be?

Can anybody help?
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KIES is one of many options available. Here's a chart Sync Android/Droid with Outlook/Exchange For a free solution if you don't mind it installing crapware on your PC try MyPhoneExplorer. For a paid solution that installs virus-free CompanionLink will handle any phone or tablet for $14.95.
Bother! Wish I'd found that chart BEFORE I bought CompanionLink! :p
Only two (minor) complaints with CompanionLink ......
1) when a remider is dismissed, this doesn't carry across to the other device, and
2) I wish the LED flashed for a missed reminder on my SGS3
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