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Help Calendar App Help request


Dec 27, 2011
I am attempting to use the Lenovo K1 Calendar Application.
When I open the application and I try to create an event, I get a message saying
"No Calendars",
"Before you can add an event, you must add at least one Calendar account to the"
"device and make a calendar visible."
" Touch Add account to add and account"

I select, "Add account", and I selected the Google Accounts from the 3 possible selections.
I entered my gmail.com email and password and select "Sign in"

I then get a display labeled "Backup and restore" and it says that I've signed into my gmail
and synchronizing data, and a button marked "Done"

Selecting "Done" returns me to the calendar app and when I double click on
anything I get the whole shpiel all over again.

I like this new tablet but app documentation is non-existent.

Does anybody know how to use this preloaded calendar app?

Thanx for any insight,

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