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Calendar app on device not updating with Google calendar

For months, the only way I can get the calendar app to update is to remove all the calendars, wait a while and put them back in. Events entered on the android calendar never show up in the Google apps calendar.

The only thing I can point to is that, not knowing the importance, I put a generic gmail address in the device when I first set it up. The email address of the calendar I am trying to maintain is different.

Any help welcome.
Well, what really matters here is when you enter a new event, that you are choosing to add it to the correct calendar. I don't know what app you're using, but in any "new event" type entry, there might be a "Calendar to post on" or something of that nature. The "generic" gmail address your phone is associated with doesn't have to be the one your calendar uses.

HOWEVER, do yourself a favor and do a hard reset of your phone and get it associated with the Gmail address you want to be using. All your app purchases/downloads, mail, calendar, contacts--everything can be backed up using that login. It's just silly not use that feature.
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