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Help Calendar Synchronization


Jan 4, 2021
Android Version 9.0

I have an issue synchronizing between different calendar accounts (2 Google, 1 Microsoft Outlook). For some time I thought it was the stock app on my LG phone but have since played around with some 3rd party calendar apps and I have the same issue.

Basically, synchronization downstream works fine but when I create an event on my phone it won't synchronize upstream to the 3 accounts.

Now, when I open the event creation form in any of the calendar apps normally it has a default calendar account selected. It's normally called "Phone" or just "Calendar". If I change this default calendar then the upstream sync works but that's no good as I want all 3 calendar accounts to be in sync not just one.

Does anyone have any ideas on what's happening here? Am I doing something obvious that's wrong? If I want all 3 calendars to show the same events then which calendar account should I be selecting in the event creation process?

I've already tried removing accounts then adding them back in and turning autosync off then on again on my device.


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