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Help Call recording issues


Dec 16, 2011
Hi all. I have a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 and I'm having issues recording phone calls. I have tried multiple different apps such as Automatic Call Recorder and Call Spy but no matter what app I use, I always get loud static when recording and can barely hear the call in the background. However, when I turn on speakerphone, it records perfectly from both ends. I have tried changing the audio source settings in these apps but the only way I can record calls without static is by using speakerphone. Help! Thanks =)
I have yet to find anything that works well on the S3 without root. Most record using the mic which means you can't really hear the person on the other end. Others just record static. I tried several today with no real success. You might be able to use one of the non root apps if you record the call while on speakerphone so the mic picks up the other person. Apparently the S3 hardware doesn't play well with recording calls. Recording must be done differently than with the mic - and those apps need root access to accomplish this.
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