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Help Camera and Ringtones stopped working

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suddenly, when I take a picture, it says " processing" and then the picture disappears and the gallery file is empty.
Also, all of my default ringtones are gone and I cannot download ringtones from Zedge, or the like.

Does anyone out there have any ideas???
What phone, what OS version, and where are you trying to store these things (internal storage or removable card)?

If you use a file browser, can you see the folders these files should be in? And if so, are the files there? Is there anything else that's not working?

Have there been any recent changes, such as OS updates?

Sorry to just throw questions at you, but the more information we have the better our chance of working out what is going on.

The obvious common factor between pictures and ringtones is that both have to be stored somewhere, hence asking whether you are using a removable card for both (more likely to break than internal storage). But you could also imagine a problem with the mediaserver, so that's not the only possibility.
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