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camera apk update restored when restart

alex belex

Nov 19, 2012
i have device. and i want update my camera in my device. i have camera.apk with new version and i install it and works with new version. but when i reboot/ restart device. the camera back / restore to previous version / original camera version.

how to fix the camera app so the camera update not restore to previous version when restart?


Hi Alex,

My guess is that you'd need to root the device in order to replace the original camera app. Otherwise the original app is still in the system area, and I expect that's why it reverts on a reboot.

(I've replaced camera.apk on my - rooted - device, but often found it a bit of a fiddle. The most reliable way I found was to uninstall, clean up the dalvik cache, then install the new one, but you should always take a nand backup before messing with system apps).
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