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Camera folder deleted!


Aug 13, 2012
Okay, I don't know where to start. It was out of nowhere. I have a TMobile Samsung s2. My phone works fine, everything works well so I never thought of backing up my pictures. I've only had it since February.
I was using my phone an hour ago when suddenly it started glitching.. the buttons (like, home, search, back) were not working.. I waited a little and it worked. I went to my pictures folder and I see that my first folder, the camera folder is gone!!!!!! I did not delete it, nor came close to. Its simply gone!!! All my pictures from 7 months!!! I'm freaking out!

PLEASE PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP! How did that even happen? I'm so.pissed! It's a smart phone and I paid so much for this, it shouldn't have problems like this :(

Forgot to mention that I have probably 7 more folders and they're all here. Only the camera folder is gone!

Thank you
I just downloaded Astro and couldn't find it.. I also connected the usb to my laptop like i always do and the folder DCIM was there, but the Camera folder that's always in there, was not :/ Do you have any idea of what could have made this happen? I'm so lost and still cant accept that it deleted my whole folder!

Thanks for the reply!
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