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Can’t connect to my Macbook


Aug 17, 2021
Hello all.

First off. I’m beyond frustrated.

Don't hate me. But I’m an Apple guy. But after two years of not being able to put music from my new MacBook onto my phone, I decided to just get an android. My friend gave me his old Galaxy S4 that I’m ONLY going to use for music. It doesn’t even have a SIM card.

So the MacBook doesn’t recognize my phone. I downloaded the android file transfer as told. But it says “no device connected”. So I try to troubleshoot. Everything says to go to the menu on the phone and press “settings”. Then tap applications and then development and then tap USB debugging. However. After tapping settings, I DO NOT HAVE “applications” nor “development”. My menu is totally different from anything pictured online. I tried searching “usb debugging” and nothing.

Can anyone help? I just want to put my music on a damn device. It’s been TWO YEARS of trying

Thanks in advance!
You don't need to worry about USB debugging on your Android. Have you tried different cables? Have you tried putting your music on a USB stick, then using a micro USB adapter to plug directly into your phone, then transfer off the USB to your phone?
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Or you could use a USB microSD card reader: remove the microSD card from the phone, stick it in the card reader, copy music to the card, replace the card in the phone. It's old school, but it still works.

I'm sure there are USB-C card readers out there, but if you have a recent Macbook I'm also sure you have USB C-to-A dongles lying around. ;)

BTW no need to worry about using Apple here: I'm typing this on a Macbook Pro. Personally I just use whichever tool is most appropriate for the job, which for me means a Macbook as my main computer but Android for my phones.
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