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Can a smartphone battery ever be overcharge?


Sep 27, 2014
I usually charge my phone at like 11pm and unplug the charger at 9am. The reason I ask is because my phone battery is actually really good, and I really don't want it to wear out. I can stream youtube videos or surf the net for an hour and a half and my phone would lose about 10 percent of charge. It can get me through a day and a half easily or if I'm a heavy user then a day EASY. So can I ever overcharge my phone? I'm hearing different views on this one...
I charge mine till its good and hot, visibly bulging and then I know for sure that its fully charged.

OK, BAD humor... :)

You're doing fine, today's phones are well engineered. Nothing special is required. Most importantly just don't leave it in extreme heat, like a hot car in summer.

You'll find you get very good service life by doing what you are now. Don't listen to the myths just enjoy yours.

Cheers :D
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