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Can google assistant talkback be disabled on S10?


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Jan 14, 2011
Recently was gifted this phone, and was going to sell it, but realized it's a nice phone, and pretty quick.
It took a minute to import a lot of the apps and settings from my old phone, and one nagging thing, is I can't get google assistant to shut the hell up. I don't mind the explanations of longer questions, but when I say "Hey, google, Open Camera" it always responds back to me saying "OK. Get ready" and it confirms every command I give it, and I hate that.
My older phone an LG V30 never had this problem.
Any advice on how to disable the google assistant talkback?
NOTE: I have already gone to accessibility-Talkback-turn off Talk back, and it the sliding button IS turned to the off position, but I still get talk back, (I am assuming this is Samsung's side of things) and I can't find a setting anywhere in google assistant.

Any advice appreciated.
I have to say that I'd think that any behaviour of Google Assistant is a Google thing.

I found this suggestion for a workaround in an old reddit thread:

say hey google
tap the compass looking icon top right
tap the 3 dots icon top right
tap settings
tap assistant
Scroll to the bottom, under assistant devices tap your device
Scroll down tap speech output
tap Hands-free only

No idea if that still works/ever worked as I keep Assistant completely disabled myself, and am not going to turn it on to test as it takes so long to reset all of the privacy settings that enabling Assistant automatically changes :(.
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