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Help can i get android2.2 on xperia x10 and if so where

Help pls i want to be able to have flash player if theres another way let me know tx :(

this is a subject that most debated.
so far nobody has managed to crack the 1.6 bootloader so that it could create the roms without the official launch of the SE pate no one has access to 2.1 (presumably today) and even if the bootloader has already been cracked there is no guarantee it would be possible upgrade to 2.1.
on the 2.2 for now just forget about it is to be released the 2.1
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After the update to 2.1, we may be able to load flash according to an article I found.

How To: Install Flash 10.1 On Android 2.1 Eclair Devices

EDIT: Nevermind. Most of the comments state it's only working on the HTC's for 2.1. Sounds like we're still OOL for Flash unless 2.2 happens. Some say it works with other browsers like Dolphin or Skyfire so I'll try it when we see the update.
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